Nelson MORAN, born in 1780 and died in 1862, married, first, Mary OWEN. In around 1805, he moved to Patrick County from Amherst County in Virginia near Charlotesville, Virginia. They had nine children:

Elizabeth MORAN who married Samuel SNEED Jr. They had no children

Lucinda MORAN who married John THOMAS, Jr.

Mary MORAN who married Edward WOOD.

Sally "Sarah" MORAN who married Adam THOMAS.

William MORAN who married Maryann OWEN.

Nancy Moran who was born about 1810 in Floyd County, Virginia. She married, first, Martin SWEENEY who was born in about 1797. They had three children:

Emily Sweeney born about 1826

William Sweeney born about 1838

Nancy Ellis Sweeney born about 1842. She married James Nelson Wood, who was born about 1832.

Nancy (MORAN) SWEENEY, next married Peter WOOD who was born in 1808 and died in 1897. They lived in Raleigh County, West Virginia. She is buried beside two of her children in the Van Wood Cemetery in Meade, West Virginia. They had six children (the names of the first three are not known):

James Nelson Wood born about 1832. He married Nancy Ellis Sweeney from Nancy's first marriage.

Martha E. Wood born about 1841

David A. Wood born about 1845

Elijah MORAN was born June 12, 1811 and died September 13, 1883 of "gravel" (kidney stones). He married Caroline HALL, born about 1811, in about 1834. They had eleven children:

Elizabeth Moran born about 1836

Crawford Moran born about 1838. He married Sarah Caroline Thomas. They had eleven children:

John William Moran

George Crawford Moran

James Dallas Moran

Mary Caroline Moran

Adeline T. Moran

Delila Elizabeth Moran

Nancy Emily Moran

Elijah J. Moran

Walter Abraham Moran

Ada Gay Moran

Zachary Taylor Moran

Luvina L. MORAN born about 1840, married William A.COMPTON. They had eight children:

James Monroe Compton

Charlie Clbron Compton

Louisa "Lina" Adline Compton

Henry Tazewll Compton

Mintie Bell Compton

Alberta Compton

Juanita Compton

Milton Ira Compton married Allie Minta DeHART. They had a child:

Etro Compton who married Clarance Ambus Moran. They had a child:

Sebert Moran born in about 1924

Marlin MORAN born in about 1842 married Predessa THOMAS. They had eleven children:

Lucinda "Oinda" Mae Moran

Charles D. Moran

Samuel Robert Moran

Asa A. Moran

Henry Moran

Mary Latitia "Dollie" Moran

Elijah Goode Moran

Taylor Cleo Moran

Lilly Gay Moran

Dallas Moran

Carrie Moran

Mahala MORAN born in about 1844 married Ambrose B.WEAVER.

Clayborn Moran born 1846 and died in 1917 married, first, Martha Jane Weaver. She was born in 1846 and died in 1892. They had five children:

Julia Abagail Moran born 1870 died 1890

Henryetta E. Moran born 1873 died 1888

Malinda Susan MORAN, born 1876 died 1953, married Joshua Hubbard EANES who was born in 1861 and died in 1942. They had twelve children:

Carrie Elizabeth (Moran) Eanes

Cora Lee Eanes married Luther ISOM

Charles Prentis Eanes married Ruby Thelma FULCHER. They had two sons.

Myrtle Florence Eanes married Earl Wright SEMONES. They had three sons the name of only one is known:

Curtis Semones

Ada Gladys Eanes married Robert King

Emma Sadie Eanes married George King

Bessie Ann Eanes married Frank O'Neal

Nettie Alice Eanes, born in 1895 died in 1969, married Frank C. PETERS who was born in 1885 and died in 1936. She next married Montague TRUSSLER who was born in about 1895.

Edward Jerome Eanes, born in 1913 died in 1949, married Versie Arleen ROBERSON who was born in 1914 and died in 1949. They had a daughter. Edward Jerome Eanes next married a woman named Margaret and they had a daughter:

Susan Eanes

Eldridge Vincent Eanes born in 1915 married Ada Jeanette SCOTT who was born in 1918. They had two children:

Eldridge Vincent Eanes, Jr. born 1942 who married Linda Alice HARMAN.

Michael Scott Eanes born in 1951

Leslie Amos Eanes, born 1918 died in 1960. She had a child:

Marvin Boyd Eanes born in 1942.

Wesley Lester Eanes born 1918 died 1924

Ochus Claiborne Moran born 1882 died 1940 married Ada Ellen SLEDD who was born in 1889 and died in 1945. They had three children:

Shirley Ann MORAN who married first Marshall Ross MOORE, Jr. And then Leonard Arthur PAGE

William Arthur MORAN who married Gloria Mae FABIN

Ocie Othelian MORAN who married Bryan Monte BUSH.

Naomi Caroline Moran born in 1885 married a man named Martin.

Clayborn MORAN married next, Ellen GRAHAM. They had four children:

Lucy Moran born in about 1850 died in 1857

Mary Ellen Moran born in about 1851 died about 1881. She married Johnson HARMAN who was born in about 1850. They had three children:

Addie Harman

Jesse Harman

Ollie H. Harman

Jasper Moran born in 1855 died in 1915 married Julia Ann WEAVER. They had six children:

Sally Eveline Moran

Elijah Preston Moran

Matthew Perry Moran

Jennie Bet Moran

Tuggle Moran

Mae Haley Moran

Jathina Moran born in 1860 died in 1942 married first, John Anderson Moran born in 1858 and died in 1891. They had five children:

Clarance Ambus Moran who married Etro Compton [grand daughter of Luvina L. (MORAN) and William A. Compton shown earlier], they had a son (also shown above):

Sebert Moran born in about 1924.

Nora Dealy Moran

Nancy J. Moran

Stantion Ellis Moran

William Alexander Moran born in 1876

Jathina (MORAN) married second, Taswell AGNEW

James Samuel MORAN, born October 12, 1812 and died in 1874, marriedDelilah CANNADAY who was born 1814 on October 27, 1836. They had eleven children:

Martha MORAN married Issac VIA

Jeff MORAN married Onie THOMPSON

Adeline MORAN married Jack FERGUSON

Burrell MORAN

James MORAN married Charlotte McKRACKEN

Pleasant MORAN married Sarah TURNER. They had two children:

James Jesiah Moran

Nanna E. Moran

Ann MORAN married Sam VEST

Grafford MORAN married Mollie CRAIG

Thomas Rufus MORAN married Charlotte VIA. They had twelve children:

Lulu VIA who married a MARTIN

W. Moran

Iowa Moran married a MARTIN

Beulah Moran who married a HALL

George Moran

Arthur Moran

Alfred O. Moran

Ocie Moran who married a MORAN

Effie Moran who married a MORAN

Carrie Moran who married a GILLEY

Edgar Moran

Elma Moran

Mary Jane Moran born in 1842 died in 1925 married Samuel VIA. They had eight children:

Elcanah Via who married Fannie FARMER

Norma Via who married Buck BRYANT

Sara E. Via who married James H. EDWARDS

Charlie Via who married Sally Bet CRAIG

Tabatha Via

Drucilla Via who married Thomas A. EDWARDS

Martha Via who married George MARTIN

Willis Via

Lucy Ellen Moran born in 1851 married Thomas P. CANNADAY who was born 1851. They had five children:

Samuel T. Cannady born 1873

James C. Cannaday born 1875 married Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie ADKINS who was born 1884 and died 1965. They had three children.

Pleaseant Johail "Hyler" Cannaday born 1877 died 1969. He married America Virginia HALE. They had seven children.

Rosabelle Cannady born 1880 married Charles A. "Charlie" RAKES born in 1877.

Charlotte R. Cannady born 1880

John Moran, born October 12, 1812 in Franklin County, Virginia and died about 1865, married, first, Martha Jane RICHARDS Miles and second, Martha CANNADAY who was born in 1812 died in 1866. They had fourteen children:

Josh MORAN died about 1865 married Martha SOWDER. They had two children:

John MORAN who married Sallie WEBB

Sarah Elizabeth Moran

Jim Moran married Mary E. "Mollie" Watters. They had nine children:

John Willie MORAN who died in 1955. He married Bernice WRIGHT.

James Moses Moran born in 1880 married Ora Alice CONNER who was born in 1887. They had eleven children:

Ocie Edith MORAN married Julius T. YORK.

Frank William MORAN married Laura Ethel Collins.

Maggie Valina Moran married Clarence Collins.

George Robert MORAN married Flo Louise NICHOLS.

John Daniel Moran

James Landon Moran

Ray Lee Moran born in 1907 died in 1953

Posey Lewis Moran born 1910 died 1949.

Mary Odrey Moran born in 1915 died in 1916

Joseph Arthur Moran born 1918 died 1921

Thomas Allen Moran born 1926 died 1947.

Noah Martin MORAN born in 1882 died in 1942 married Alice GILLIAN.

Joseph Moran born 1884 died 1942 married Annie SLOAN.

Martha MORAN born 1887 married Thomas GILLIAN

Nancy Ella MORAN born 1887 married Albert POFF

Mary Della MORAN born 1890 died 1935 married George Lewis CONNER who was born in 1874. They had five children:

Arthur Allen Conner who married Bonnie Conner

Harvey Lewis Conner

Lemey Ray Conner

Emmie Mae Conner who married Reuben Conner

Minnie Gay Conner who married Lindberg King

Cora B. MORAN born 1892 died 1932 married Wilmer YOUNG.

Sarah MORAN born 1894 married Floyd AGEE

Ellen Moran married Creed SMITH who died in 1894, they had ten children:

James W. Smith born 1865 died 1954 married Addie Radford.

James R. Smith orn 1866 died 1951 married Rebecca Pack. They had a child:

Ruie Smith who married Wilma Snuffer.

Charles Lewis Smith born 1868 married Jessica Mills.

Sarah Smith born 1870 died 1955 married Robert H. Graham.

Enfield Smith born 1873 died 1902 married Etta Matthews.

Floyd Smith born 1875 married Sally Seymour.

Doc. H. Smith born 1879 married Anna Schmidt.

Amanda Smith born 1881 married C. W. Graham.

Walter Smith born 1883 died 1901

Howard P. Smith born 1885 died 1959. He married Lizzie Smith.

William MORAN born 1838 died in about 1865 married first, Nancy VIA. They had a daughter, Martha Jane Moran who married James W. Hill. Willam married, second, Nancy VIA (same name as first wife) They had one child:

John Anderson Moran born 1858 died 1891 who married Jathina Moran born 1860 died 1942 shown earlier as a daughter of Clayborn Moran and his second wife, Ellen Graham. They had five children:

Clarance Ambus Moran who married Etro Compton. They had one child:

Sebert Moran

Nora Dealy Moran

Nancy J. Moran

Stantion Ellis Moran

William Alexander Moran born 1876.

Nancy Moran BORN 1839 married Anderson VIA. They had seven children:

Jim Via

Victor Via

Dale Via

Lena Via

Lizzie Via

Nannie Via

Pansy Via

Nancy MORAN Via married secondly the former husband of her sister Ellen, Creed Smith shown above.

Delilah MORAN born 1839 died 1865 married John R. HILL. They had seven children the names of only three are known:

Joseph Edmon Hill born 1857 married Pattie White.

John Hill born 1858 married Margaret Ann Walters.

James E. Hill born 1859 married, first, Martha J. Moran. They had five children. James Hill married, second, Octavia Radford they had four children only one of who is known:

Ethel Hill who married a man named Cannady

Martha Elizabeth Hill born 1861 married Benjamin Haldren.

Thomas J. Hill born 1863 married a woman named Frances. They had ten children:

Robert J. Hill born 1865 who married Wilmouth Davis.

Frances Elizabeth Hill born 1884

Robert Lee Hill born 1885

William Hill born 1887

Samuel Hill born 1889

Lucy Ann Hill born 1892

Maude Lee Hill born 1894

Albert Thomas Hill born 1896

Emma Lee Hill born 1898

John Hill born 1901

Isom Moran born 1841

Lizzie MORAN born 1844 died 1883 married Benjamin Lewis Bell born 1840 died 1902. They had ten children:

John Meador Bell born 1866 died 1912 married, first, Mamie Hancock and, second, Elmira Richards.

Thomas Benjamin Bell born 1868 married, first, Frances "Ferris Stump" Poff and, second, Leona E. Craighead.

James William Bell born 1869 died 1903 married Lizena G. Holland.

George Martin Bell born 1872 died 1923. He First married Catherine Nolin and then Lucy A. Kell.

Stephen Josua Bell born 1874, died 1958. He married Nettie Suptin and later married Millie Lilly. With the latter he had a daughter, Clara Catherine Bell, who married a man named Peters.

Martha Ann Bell born in 1876 died in 1885

Pamela Ellen Bell born in 1879

Wiley Tazwell Bell born in 1881 died in 1922 married Lucy Hill

Jemina Peradine Bell born 1883 died 1923 married Claude Kyrus Furrow. They had nine children.

Elvira MORAN born in 1846.

John MORAN, Jr. born in 1849 died about 1925 married Harriet BELL who was born about 1849

Martha Ann Moran born 1849 died 1885 married first a man named WALLACE and then James R. Lester. Her third husband was Thomas S. Bell who was born about 1849. They had a daughter, Delilah "Deli" Ann Bell, who married Charles Haldren. Martha married a fourth time to John R. Hill who was born in 1835. Mr. Hill was the husband of her sister Delilah until her death in 1865. Martha Ann and John R. Hill had ten children.

Peter A. Hill born 1867 who married Jocie Browles

Andrew Johnson Hill born 1868 who married Lena Browles

Nancy J. Hill born 1869 who married first, Henry Pennington and second, a man whose name is not remembered.

Susan E. Hill born 1871 married Henry Harvey

Cain B. Hill born 1873 married a woman named Mary Jane.

Steven V. Hill born 1875 married Haley Browles

Harriet C. Hill born 1877 married first a man named Whitlow and then a man named Hylton.

Lula A. Hill born 1878 married a man named Boling.

Charles P. Hill born 1880 married Ada Lester and then two women in succession whose names are not remembered.

Wily Hall Hill born 1882 married Virginia Jones

Susan Ann MORAN born 1851 died 1927 married William Richard NICHOLAS born 1850 died 1907. They had fourteen children.

Catherine Rosabelle MORAN born 1851 died 1935 married William Winfield

Scott OKES. They had ten children.

Stephen Hubbard MORAN born 1856 died 1918 married a woman named Hortency born 1852 died 1935. They had ten children:

Eli L. MORAN born 1879 died 1947 married first, Effie BOSTIC who died in 1944. He married second, Juda E. Green born 1880

Adaline MORAN born 1880 died 1881

Drury D. MORAN born 1880 died about 1966, married Mattie L. WILLIAMS born about 1887

John MORAN born 1882 died 1956 Married Emma WOOD.

Almeda MORAN born 1884 died 1956 married Bailey MILLS

Hulda MORAN born 1886 died 1910 married Thomas SHREWSBURY born 1881

Melvine "Vina" MORAN born 1887 died 1963 married Jospeh "Joe" WOODS

Martha C. MORAN born 1889 married Wetzel ANDERSON born 1888.

Mazie E. MORAN born 1892 married Evert "Epp" GREEN

Ida MORAN born 1895 married first a man named CLAY and then George Perry SPENCE born 1888 died 1973.

Source: Genealogical Research of William A. Moran of 3218 North Hill Drive in Tupelo, Mississippi.


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